At Aleris, we know that a vegan or vegetarian diet is a perfectly viable and healthy option and they have added value, such as living a respectful lifestyle regarding the environment, animals and society. That is why our nutrition services perfectly adapt to people that have chosen this lifestyle: clinical nutrition (diet guidelines adapted to any health problems), healthy weight, sports nutrition, pediatric nutrition…

What do we offer?

We also offer specific services for this group, such as consultations and counseling on vegetarian and vegan diets, for those who have been at it for years and want a second opinion as well as those who want to start on the journey and are in need of some advice.We also offer counseling for starting a complimentary meal plan on babies or program specific sports training.

Lucia is the author of “Vegetarianos Con-ciencia and co-author of” Vegan Cuisine “with Virginia Garcia.

Besides, our service of crafting and revising menus, as well as our services towards restoration services always include a vegetarian and/or vegan option if so wished.

Our center collaborates with the Spanish Vegetarian Union.

We have also organised formative events on a vegetarian diet like this one..