You may think you have, however….

  • Was a diet handed to you during your first consultation?
  • Did you walk out with plenty of recommendations to buy draining or satiating products, fat burners and such?
  • Did you have to follow a menu that did not take into account your habits and schedules?
  • Was weightloss the only goal stated?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of those questions, it is quite likely that you have never actually been in a nutrition consultation.


During your first appointment, the dietitian-nutritionist will go through your clinical history, revising all health issues, recent health checks, family history, surgerys, medication and supplementation, etc. They will revise your lifestyle with you, going over the current job type the patient has, as well as the physical activity that is being endured. Schedules, sport practising and other aspects of interest are also taken into account.

After that, it will be time to discuss the current meal plan that is being had, including what, how and when you are eating, finding out this way about main action points in order to better your diet. Taking needs into account, goals will be set, both short and long term, and the path to reaching those goals will be drawn. You will be a part of every decision regarding your treatment, and changes will always be consensual and include explanations. If you were not to be ready for a certain proposal, an alternative adequate for context would be found.

When that information is given and decisions are taken, the dietitian-nutritionist will elaborate the personalised plan and material for the case. Every case is different, whether you are looking for a sports nutrition plan, nutrition to deal with a health issue, raising a vegan child or restructuring nutrition knowledge to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

That is why pre-made diets will simply not do, since they are not made for you, your habits, your preferences and needs. We do not have a system that you have to adapt to. We work to adapt ourselves to you, according to what you need and your capacity of change in that moment.

During the second consultation, the material will be given out and thoroughly discussed. From then, the path will begin.

If it was necessary, we have a psychology and sports multidisciplinary team that will help out in the hopes of delivering the best service possible, as well as all the help and support you need.