Yes. Its value its based on the amount of time required to craft a personalised plan. An online consultation does not have, therefore, less of a value or less of an effort involved. It is exactly the same process, only it is not necessary to meet at the center, it is done through a computer.

Sadly, no. There are some cases that can only be tackled through face-to-face, but it’s not that common. If you have any doubt, ask us.

Sadly, no. Our availability is subject to scheduling and our projects. No matter the case, all dietitians-nutritionists at the center will help you out with the same philosophy.

Yes, since the time the professional will give out will range from 45-60 minutes at your first session. If you do not wish to come back, you will have to pay the prices for an individual consultation. Our philosophy and work values are posted online, so you can read up before visiting us, to know if you identify with them.

All our rates are posted on this same websites, and so are the cancellation conditions. For additional information, please go to the Sale and Cancellation Policy section.