Why a psychologist?

A psychologist is a professional that specialises on human behaviour. Meaning, they have the proper knowledge to evaluate where what we do comes from (without forgetting that what we go through is THINK- FEEL- DO), why these behaviours stick through us even though they may make us go through hard times and, above all, what we can do to modify them.

Why located in a nutrition center?

Because we want your goals to be achieved. We are sure that you have heard by now of ‘mens sana in corpore sano’. The coordinated work between dietitian-nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers guarantees a whole approach on health, making the process easy for every person working and getting support from the are that may be more helpful to them.

What does it consist of?

Our psychologist will work with the information they’re given, that is why it’s important to create a trust-based climate. Through the first sessions, a ‘radiography’ of what is convenient to approach and how it will be done, getting to elements that fall out of diet guidelines. It is possible that you may have trouble in terms of anxiety or emotion management, or maybe regarding scheduling meals. Maybe this is about not liking your image and not feeling confident, or having failed to establish an exercise routine multiple times. It is also possible that your social skills are hindered, causing many of the aspects mentioned and/or others to cause an unhealthy or anomalous relationship with food.

When all of this information is gathered, consensual goals are established and started to work on. Concepts about learning and behaviour are explained, as well as things like ‘emotional hunger’.

You will also learn to analyze what is going on with our emotions, thoughts and behaviors, relaxation techniques, thought and emotion management, self care, learning to identify discomforting situations that end up in binge eating, techniques to learn how to manage these in a satisfactory way and a long etcetera, according to the case.

Psychology’s main goal is to grant you the strategies and personal tools that allow you to resolve sources of discomfort or bad habits in an independent and autonomous way. In order to achieve this, while this knowledge is being acquired, sessions will be spaced out in order to achieve autonomy and the incorporation into your lifestyle forever.